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Hybrid Development with Reify

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Image by Artie_Navarre from Pixabay

Asking a developer to hand code part of an application built with a low-code tool can sound like the start of a nightmare – slogging through generated code that is difficult to understand, let alone to work with.  But with Reify, hybrid development is more like a dream come true with easy to read generated code and the flexibility to create applications in any mix you need.  

Applications built in Reify consist of standard Component XML screen definitions, DataSource definitions, and XML event handler and workflow declarations.  All of the code produced is in standard, declarative usage of SmartClient.  Screens that are created by non-developers in Reify can be exported and dropped into an IDE to easily be mixed with hand-coding in your project. 

With Reify’s flexibility, you can use Reify for your entire application, a few screens of your application, or even as a part of a screen.  Read more about using a hybrid development approach with Reify in your applications here.