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Introducing Reify OnSite – Low Code for Every Enterprise

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Do you love the idea of harnessing the power of low code designing but working in the cloud won’t work for you? Look no further – Reify OnSite from Isomorphic Software is the answer!

Reify OnSite is like having your own private behind your firewall so that your data and designs never leave your premises.

With Reify OnSite, even companies who couldn’t benefit from low-code in the past can now!

  • Reify works even for regulated enterprises with strict requirements.
  • Customize Reify to work best for your organization.
  • There are no per-end-user fees, ever!

Regulated Enterprises – Because your data doesn’t leave your firewall, you can use Reify even if your company has strict regulatory requirements (HIPAA, DFARS, PCI DSS, GLBA, etc.). If you need help, the Reify team has a long history of working on projects with these requirements, and we have the vetted staff and processes in place to coordinate with your team.

Customize Reify – Reify OnSite allows you to customize the Reify interface itself!!! Because Reify is just a component of the underlying SmartClient platform, you can add connectors to internal data services, add new features in the design environment and customize how deployment works – literally, anything and everything!

No per-end-user fees – You pay for designer accounts only – you will never pay per end user. So you can stop worrying about having per-end-user fees skyrocket because you need a feature from the “enterprise” tier. You’re safe, and you aren’t locked in. Like Reify.comReify OnSite is priced per designer, not per end-user, so you never end up with exploding costs if you build an application where a pool of 10,000 users might need to access one function occasionally.

Reify OnSite includes unlimited, behind-the-firewall deployment to compatible private clouds or simply on the Reify OnSite server itself. Reify is priced on a per-designer-seat basis, with no additional costs for deployment. Company-wide or division-wide licenses with unlimited seats are also available, still priced based on the anticipated number of designers.

Low Code is this powerful new approach, but it doesn’t work for many businesses because of various concerns. Until now: Reify OnSite means you can use the Low Code approach everywhere, in every kind of application.

To get started, contact us to get an evaluation package and a walkthrough, and discuss possible pilots. We look forward to hearing from you.

Lee Russell